RALLY to Establish Youth Advisory Council

teens laughing

In order to best serve youth in our region, RALLY is currently putting together a Youth Advisory Council. This council will provide RALLY and its partners with the invaluable perspectives, ideas, and concerns of young people, and will inform the direction of RALLY moving forward.

At RALLY, we believe that fully supporting youth means giving them a platform and taking their voices seriously. Only young people will be able to accurately speak to the problems that young people face today, and we intend to hear them out.

The Youth Advisory Council will meet once monthly to discuss youth needs and strengths, work with community leaders to develop action plans, engage in leadership training, and build relationships with each other and the wider community. Youth involved in the council will also have opportunities to speak at larger community events, summits, and conferences.

If you know or work with youth who have ideas to share and who could benefit from leadership experience, please contact Cam Cowger for more information about the council.