September is Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month

hugging teens

Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month is more than just a month on a calendar – it’s a pressing call to acknowledge the depth of the pain and impact that suicide leaves in its wake, not just on individuals but on families and the entire community.

The stark numbers and statistics don’t lie. Our community has not been spared from the heartbreak of suicide. The Health Youth Survey underscores this alarming trend, accentuating the pressing need for collective awareness and immediate action.

But remember: Behind every number is a name, a face, and a story. It’s a family grieving, a community in shock, and someone who felt there was no other way out. It becomes our moral imperative to extend our hands in support, our hearts in empathy, and our resources to aid.

The role of Capital Region ESD 113 cannot be understated. Our ESD’s True North Behavioral Health Services stand as a beacon for many. These services are multifaceted:

  • We identify and support our at-risk youth through early intervention and prevention before they reach a breaking point.
  • Our services enhance academic performance, helping students to overcome their challenges and realize their full potential.
  • We are committed to an enhanced school climate, ensuring a safe, welcoming space for all.
  • We equip our teachers and staff with the expertise needed, paving the way for a holistic educational experience.
  • Through community collaboration, we weave a tight-knit safety net for our adolescents.
  • We fervently work toward reducing the stigma around mental health, advocating for open conversations.
  • And our interventions promise long-term benefits, ensuring today’s issues don’t become tomorrow’s crises.

Capital Region ESD 113 strives to amplify mental health awareness, tear down barriers to essential services, and stand by our families and schools in every hour of need. Our newly created Safe Harbor website epitomizes this spirit. This online platform serves as a lighthouse, guiding our districts, families, and youth as they seek resources for mental health, substance abuse, safety, and overall well-being.

As we delve deeper into this Suicide Awareness Month, our theme, “Creating Hope Through Action,” resonates loudly. It’s a call for unity, for compassion, for understanding. Together, let’s pledge to counter the stigmas, champion early interventions, and cultivate a compassionate culture. Our endgame? A world where hope shines brighter than despair, and our communities stand resilient against the tragedy of suicide.