ESD Responsibilities

    1. Review clock hour approval requests to ensure WAC and committee criteria are met. Submit applications to In-service Training Committee for review.
    2. Ensure ESD 113’s In-service Training Committee reviews the evaluation summary as per WAC 181-085.
    3. Provide instructions for the participants to create a MyESD account and how to enroll in the session.
    4. ESD 113 will process clock hours on a half-hour basis only. For example if you attend a workshop and obtain 4.75 clock hours (4 hours and 45 minutes) we will only allow you 4.5 clock hours, we round down to the nearest half hour.
    5. Upon receipt of copies of the sign-in sheets from the instructor of the class, ESD 113 will validate attendance in MyESD. The system will then send an email (from prof. dev. services) to your primary email address notifying you there are 90 days to complete the evaluation and that you can then pay for clock hours. If it is beyond the 90 days there will be a 20% late fee accrued for each event.
    6. Mail official transcripts to each clock hour participant and cooperative member district. Transcripts will be distributed by mid-September of each year.
    7. Maintain all records required by OSPI for seven years.