Sponsor and/or Instructor Responsibilities

    1. Instructors or sponsors of a session must submit to ESD 113’s Certification Department the following items for approval. These must be received ten days prior to the beginning of the session or five days for agency sponsors.

      a. A completed “Clock Hour Application for Approval” form.

      b. Instructor vita or resume.

      c. Written session objectives which reflect the knowledge and skills to be learned by participants.

      d. A program agenda, particularly noting specific training dates and instructional beginning and ending times.

    2. After the “Clock Hour Application for Approval” form is submitted, the ESD will review and, if appropriate, approve the offering, assign an event number and course number, and e-mail a confirmation of the approval.

    3. Upon completion of the session, the instructor or sponsor will send the sign-in sheet to ESD 113’s Clock Hour Department. Sign-in sheets are necessary to validate attendance.

    4. Proposals submitted after a workshop has started will not be accepted.