Participant's Responsibilities

  • Participant's Responsibilities
    1. Create an account in the pdEnroller system and enroll in the appropriate session.

    2. Must be in actual (physical) attendance at the session location at the assigned time and for the duration of the class.

    3. Sign-in on the attendance sign-in sheet each assigned day of the session.

      a. It is the participant’s responsibility to complete this step. Participants will not be able to purchase clock hours if they have not signed the sign-in sheet as provided by the instructor. ESD 113 will not accept verbal or written documentation (other than official sign-in sheets) from the instructor, school district or other entity stating the attendee was present after the session has taken place. The attendee must sign in to receive credit for attending the session.

      b. Participants taking classes online through Educational Technology Support Center (ETSC) must submit a certificate of completion verifying work is complete and clock hours are earned.