Fees for Clock Hours 

    1. Clock Hour Fee = $3 per clock hour + $5 processing fee per participant. Example: The fee for 3 clock hours is $14. ($9 clock hour fee plus a $5 processing fee.)

    2. All clock hours need to be purchased within 90 days of the completion of the session to avoid late fees which are an additional 20% fee to be added to the clock hour fee. Clock hours may not be purchased more than 5 years after the completion of a class.

      Example: The fee for 3 clock hours would be:
      $5 processing fee 
      3 X $3 per clock hour
      20% late fee = $2.80
      Total fee: $16.80

    3. ESD 113 employees pay the full registration fee. ($5 processing fee + $3 per clock hour.)

    4. Participants are able to print an official clock hour form per event. This may be filed with the district office as official proof of clock hours earned, in lieu of the annual transcript.