Printing a Transcript

  • You may print your own official transcript from pdEnroller.

    1. Log in to pdEnroller.
    2. Look for your name in the top right section of the screen. Click on your name, and pull down to "Clock Hours."
      Drop-down menu of options; choose "Clock Hours"
    3. You will see the "My Credits and Clock Hours" screen.
      1. The top of the screen shows any clock hours in your queue to be claimed.
      2. Click "Claim Your Hours" to pay for any outstanding hours. Only clock hours that have been claimed will appear on your transcript.
    4. Scroll down the page to "Transcripts" and click the button for "Download Transcripts."
      My credits and clock hours screen showing Download Transcripts button
    5. The system will generate your official transcript and save it to your computer. Open the pdf and print it on your printer.