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Superintendent's Corner

Your ESD is about to turn 50. When ESDs were created in 1969, we received three legislative charges (RCW 28A.310):

  1. To provide informational and cooperative services,
  2. To assist the office of superintendent of public instruction, and the state board of education, and
  3. To assure equal educational opportunities.

As we prepare to enter our 50th year, we are reflecting on our “why” — our reason for being. When you are clear about your why, everything comes into perspective. As Simon Sineck says, “Working hard for something we don’t care about is called ‘stress.’ Working hard for something we care about is called ‘passion.’”

Helping you attain your goals is the reason we exist. This year, we will focus more deeply on understanding your needs, listening to your goals, and thinking deeply about how we can serve you more effectively. Simply stated, your goals are our reason.

Our 438 employees serve you through over 170 programs for children, students, and educators. Together, we will reach goals our leaders only dreamed of in 1969. Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

Dana Anderson

Dr. Dana Anderson, Superintendent
Capital Region ESD 113