Superintendent’s Corner: School Year’s End

Roosevelt elk in meadow at Olympic national park

As May turned to June in the Pacific Northwest, students eagerly anticipated the arrival of summer vacation. The prolonged, dreary weather finally gave way to sunnier skies and warmer temperatures, providing the perfect backdrop for end-of-year festivities. 

School hallways buzzed excitedly as lockers were cleared and yearbooks were passed around for signatures. Teachers administered final exams and projects while students diligently prepared for one last academic push before the long break.

Many schools in our region mark the end of the year with lively outdoor ceremonies celebrating the culmination of students’ hard work. Graduations are held in fields and auditoriums as families gather to applaud their children’s accomplishments, snapping photos of cap-and-gown-clad graduates receiving their hard-earned diplomas. The pomp and circumstance is made even more meaningful by the Pacific Northwest’s picturesque natural surroundings. 

A summer of adventure and opportunity awaits as the school year draws close. Hopefully, time with family and friends over the next few weeks and months will allow for some respite and recharging.