Superintendent’s Corner: Stronger Together

mixed race international group of people gathered together

This time of year always reminds me of change. The leaves are turning vibrant colors, and I see a lot of vibrancy in our region and organization.

I really appreciated the opportunity to see almost all of our staff on Friday, October 6. What an incredible time to be together and see and hear different perspectives and talents that surround us.

As I have been traveling around the region and visiting school districts, I continue to be impressed with the leadership and supports available and the creative thinking to overcome some serious challenges. We have many new staff throughout our districts and within the organization that will continue to bring new perspectives and ways of solving future problems. While this is not a Presidential election year, many potential changes for our region will be on the ballots in November. Some of those changes may impact us, and some may not.

While many of the changes I have spoken about have been local in nature, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention some of the national and global issues swirling around. In the US, we have some challenges in Congress that pose some uncertainty and could impact education budgets in the near term. Hopefully, that will be sorted out sooner rather than later and bring some stability in the long term. On a global scale, the impacts of growing conflicts in Ukraine and Israel/Gaza are devastating on a human level. Whenever humanity wages wars, the effects are far-reaching.

With all the uncertainty we are constantly facing, I am confident in our ability to help support each other, our district’s staff, the students, and the families in our region. I look forward to how we will come together to address all these changes with the vibrancy I know we possess.

With much gratitude!