Welcome Incoming Superintendents

welcome mat that says, "hello"

School Year 2020–21




Lisa GrantLisa Grant - "Connecting with our community is an essential element of my work and the work of our school district.  Strong schools help support a strong community and strong communities support a strong school district.   I plan to connect with the community through individual and group meetings, Advisory group formation and work, participation on community organizations and attendance at community events, the development of partnerships, and the creation of avenues for input and feedback. While the current pandemic brings tremendous challenges, it is also an opportunity for collaboration and teamwork. This work has already begin in the Centralia School District. We have formed a new partnership with the Lewis County Boys and Girls Club, administered several surveys, formed a Budget Task Force, created avenues for submission of questions and concerns online, and met with over 100 individual community members and community groups. Working together we will create a strong future for our students, our district, and our community."


Christine MoloneyChristine Moloney - "I believe in the 3Rs — relationships, rigor, and relevance. The first "r" stands for relationships and it is the most important.  My priority this year is to connect with the Chehalis school community in any way I can. I am connecting with the Chehalis school community in person and through the use of technology. I am visible at school events such as drive-through registrations/orientations, in-person orientations and meetings (groups of 10 or less) and on zoom.  I look forward to dropping into classrooms via zoom or google meets and I will be visible in the buildings checking in with staff who are on-site and the few students we are able to serve starting in September.

This summer I met in person and sometimes via zoom with all district office staff and administrators, teacher union leaders, some parents, community organizations, local business owners, nonprofit organizations, city officials, port executive and port commissioner, and the Chehalis Foundation. I am also visible in the community since my family and I live in Chehalis. This summer the community was asked to engage in a Thoughtexchange around the reopening of schools. Their engagement was very high and their input invaluable to developing a reopening plan. I will continue to utilize this communication tool throughout the year to gather input from our school community. Currently, I have set a weekly schedule for an electronic newsletter called "Moving Forward Together" to be sent out every Friday at noon to all parents and staff. I provide a preview of the superintendent's message to all staff on Thursday. So far, I have sent one video out that is posted on the website. I am looking forward to providing more videos, not just around a message I may need to send, but highlighting different staff, programs, and students. Our website also provides access for parents and the community to contact the district and/or me and it is a great venue to push out information to our school community along with our social media sites. I have hired a new full-time Communications Coordinator and we are working on feedback loop communication systems for our school community."


Glenn MaloneGlenn Malone - "I'm excited to meet and connect with the KIDS!  That's the work that energizes me and keeps me going...It's been way too long since we've seen a real kid in person (besides my 6 grandkids), Can't wait!

I'm excited to meet and connect with the teachers and staff here in Mossyrock.  Teachers are so stressed and I look forward to supporting them as they prepare to teach in ways they never have before; I'm excited for the positive change that will occur as a result.

I'm excited to meet and connect with the parents and local community. Mossyrock is such a great town with a cherished history, it's obvious that kids are the top priority!"


Shane SchutzShane Schutz - In Napavine, "we are connecting to our community through parent/student conferences to start the school year. We have also issued community surveys. We sent community updates through emails, phone calls, Facebook, and Twitter."

North River

Lindsey MaehlumLindsey Maehlum - "As an incoming superintendent during a pandemic, I hope to minimize the transactional distance felt by our students and community. Some ways in which I hope to connect are through interactive dialogue and engaging, solution-based collaboration. I’d also like to thank the Gray-Pac and the North River community for their unwavering support during this difficult transition."


Jill DiehlJill Diehl - "I have connected with my school community virtually and in small, stakeholder socially-distanced groups, but I am looking forward to the in-person opportunities to build connections once COVID-19 constraints lift. This is such a strongly connected community, I am looking forward to being able to see more of this community off-screen to experience the personal and professional connections with families, the business community, and especially our students for face-to-face human connections."

Wishkah Valley

Don HayDon Hay - "Wishkah Valley is a close-knit community that holds the school in high esteem. The community expects to be able to pop in to say hello and be able to attend sporting events, assemblies, and concerts. Sadly in-person interactions and social opportunities are not going to happen right away.

This year Wishkah Valley School District plans on communicating more intentionally and frequently.  Utilization of our website, social media, and email will all increase. We are also planning on reaching out by telephone to students and families who are having difficulty with distance learning. We have found that home visitation is an effective method to connect with families.

Someday soon the barriers caused by this particular Coronavirus will all be gone and we will be able to enjoy the company of the community. Until then we will enjoy connecting with our school community digitally."